Sunday, September 19, 2010

STRIP SPELLING BEE in Montreal! *Back 2 school Edition*

STRIP SPELLING BEE *Back 2 School* Edition! in Montreal
Thursday, September 30, 2010
The Mainline Theatre 3997 St-Laurent Blvd. (just south of Duluth) (it is a black door with flames painted on it) Montreal, QC Sign-up at 8:30 sharp. Bee starts at 9:15 PM $10 at the door.

Please note that we must cap our number of strip-spellers at 15 to ensure an expedient and entertaining evening.


The game is played a lot like strip poker, but it's a spelling bee, and it's played in front of a live audience of hooters, hollerers and hecklers who want to see some smart and sexy skin!

Here are the official rules.

One by one, participants are asked to spell a word. If they get it right, they sit down. If they get it wrong, they must striptease A THIRD of their clothing off, and that is considered their first "strike". When they misspell a second word, that is their second strike and they must striptease ANOTHER third off. A third and final strike requires that they strip down to their underwear. Or, NAKED - whichever they are most comfortable with.

After three strikes, a participant is out of the competition. But they should take heart – because while they may have lost, the audience has most certainly won.

The winner of the Bee takes home (a) a few beers; (b) a CD with recordings of over an hour of cats purring loudly; and (c) a Lego minifigure that is a pin you can affix to your outfit!

Best striptease will also take home (a) a few beers; (b) a CD with recordings of over an hour of cats purring loudly; and (c) a Lego minifigure that is a pin you can affix to your outfit!

Best striptease is decided by a Secret Judge we have planted in the audience among you. Please note that those who take the theme of the night (Back 2 School) into account while selecting their outfit will be accorded extra regard when it comes to selecting a winner.

All striptease spellers get a free drink, and do not pay cover.
Anyone can drop out of the competition at any time AFTER the completion of the SECOND round.

This is a queer, senior and trans-friendly event. We have a NO BOOING policy strictly in effect. No photos are allowed except by our Official Photographer. Our goal is to have everyone feel safe, secure and comfortable enough to strip and spell.

Regarding the No Photos Rule - we also have a Snitch Policy. If you are a member of the audience and you witness someone taking a surreptitious photo, BY ALL MEANS, interrupt the proceedings, come up to one of the hosts - SNITCH on the guilty party, and once they have been dealt with, you will be rewarded with a free drink.

We thank you for your patronage and understanding.

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